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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2013 1:00am-1:31am PDT

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test, test, test, test, test, test, test >> good morning, everyone welcome to the board of supervisors budget and finance meeting for wednesday, june 9th. i'm mark farrell i'll be joined by erick and scott wiener. i'd like to thank the members of the sftv covering this. any announcements >> yes, please silence any electronic devises and items acted upon today will be on the next announced u agenda.
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>> please call numbers 1 and 2 together. >> for all official attorneys for 2013 and fourteen arrest item two the small business exchange for the city and county - for the african-american and chooipz communities hair reported to be the newspapers for the lesbian and gay community. and the neighborhood outreach newspaper for the city and county north side tomatoes be the outreach newspaper for the northern neighborhoods and westport monthly to be for the west part of the neighborhood for the fiscal years 2013 and a fourteen >> i believe we have someone to
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speak on items one and two. good morning supervision. i'm here today to request your recommendation and approval of a resolution first designating the examiner as the fiscal year newspaper. the contract term is from july 1st to june thirty 20014. it's based on on the expenditures for of which 48 thousand is for the clerk of the border. the examiner has the highest point out 0 score. i'd like to give a little bit of the summarize of the process.
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we invite bids the codes specify certain requirements newspapers must need and the point out by which bids are scored. the
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. the purposeer received two bids the evaluations were made the chronicle does not meet the administration requirements and the chronicle scored 2.2 points and the examiner met all the requirement and had the highest points total scoring 34.2 points. additionally there were no changes in the bid prices from last year to this year.
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in conclusion the draft has been made and examiner is the highest point score who is responsive to the requirement you, however, the board of supervisors has the option to exercise it's discretion to spent the examiner or if the board so chooses to split the contract between the newspapers. i'll be glad to respond to your questions and a colleagues any questions at this point in time? okay. anything else you want to add >>
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the process mirrors the one for the official newspapers and the purposeer is to conduct bids and it sets the criteria and the point evaluation scores. the purchase has made its
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recommendations to the board based on the highest point totals. and again, the administrative code goes on to say therefrom the board shall choose and spicket the period of time cancels for the fiscal year. the board in past years has decided to speth more than one periodic article and has split the contracts between most if not all who responded to the bids. now for the bid results. the purifyer he received 12 bids. the evaluation was made. summarizing the results 5 biders
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were responsive in meeting their requirements and has historically been purchasing requirements only to have the birders who were responsive and they were the small business exchange for the african-american chinese community and the bay reporter for the lgb community and there were no redondo beach bids for the chinese community. in the neighborhood community we're recommending north side publications and central city extra and west protocol monthly for west protocol. the bid from the other biders such as published weekly.
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the purchaser has placed the highest point score. the board has the option to spent the recommended periodicals arrest last year the board did award to all of those who submitted bids whether or not they were that responsive. the prices that were submitted are in line most of them are the same as last year with some minor increases. if the board choose to follow the past practice and award to all of the periodicals who submitted bids then the board would consider adding the
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following. the san francisco bay view for the african-american community and the daily for the chinese community and for the hispanic community and in the nandz side western addition and the view. and i'm here to respond if you have questions >> colleagues any questions at this time. thank you chair you farrell there are there's a periodical in the san francisco the imperial lighted they're not mentioned here >> they did not submit a bid. i can check >> thank you. and then just looking at the list of
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the same. i think it would be important to
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have a spanish paper as well. so i would be open to including the non responsive biders as well >> supervisor bred. >> i just wanted to make a comment bye because i noticed that some minority you papers had not been on the contract and i wanted to know why. they said the fact that i guess the reporting requirements or the ability to receive payment was somewhat challenging. and so they just choose not to participate. i was wondering do you have a process that would work to allow smaller newspapers that actually have is a board reach in various ethnic communities the ability
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to not only participate but to deal with some of the challenges in terms of their payments as well the requirements that the city may have for them to submit in order to receive payments >> yes supervisor. in terms of we do send out a bid package to over 50 periodicals and we tried to make a concerted effort to reach out to as many biders to cover as many diverse communities. and if we do invite the birders
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where we explain the binged requirements and we try to assist in that way. as far as, your thank as to the requirement. the requirements are set by the administrative code and their set in the code and we can't change the set requirements that are published in san francisco or print weekly we don't have a lot of flexibility. certainly we'll be ready to help them comply with those things. and your last question or your other question about payment i'm not sure about that. that the departments usually
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handle the payment side of it. i know we certainly wants to make prompt payments to all vendor and especially small businesses in the communities and we would be willing to try to do that and to work with the cloak of the board as well as theirs an agent that handles a lot of the papers and we can sit down with the cloak of the board to shoot even the period >> we're not - >> you have the discretion to amend the resolution to include the other biders. >> the board has included a
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number of nonresponsive biders in prior years. >> that's correct. and supervisor the bider were sent a binged package >> colleagues any further questions at this time? >> okay. we don't have a budget analyst report. anyone wish to commit on items one or two please step forward >> good morning. i'm diane of the san francisco chronicle. on behalf of my colleagues thank you for considering the san francisco chronicle as one of the reciprocates of this type of attorneys. the san francisco chronicle is the leading bay areas information source. each week it reaches had the 8
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percent of the population. in addition f f is the home of the san francisco chronicle is the regionals number one local city reaching more folks. with the single efficient buy the city can engage the readership. we take an active role in including our community. we raised more $6.8 million. the fund is one of the largest givers to the food bank. this year, the food bank will deliver 8 million meals.
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we ask that you consider awarding the san francisco chronicle chronicle the full type budget and a thank you very much. is there anyone else who wants to commit on items one and two. seeing none, it's clus closed. colleagues we have two items in front of us here. item one is the official paper and two is the neighborhood outreach any comments at this time new just a question if he were to add other papers for the second item do we have the ability to cover it with our budget? i guess that's - >> can we have the contract administrators office. if we approve those biders would
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it add to your budget or would you have the same budget >> it would be diluted among the number. >> but would the budget be adequate you said that would be. >> it's a a little over 20 thousand or 22 thousand plus or minus that 22 thousand is set and that's the amount of money it should be available over the next fiscal year to place adds where if it was with one or 10. >> so i can cover 10. >> it depends upon i don't want to speak for the clerk of the board.
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i assume they make an attempt to split it among the various newspapers in the neighborhood >> but i can't say that's exactly what they do. >> okay. thank you. >> okay supervisor bred. >> justice a clarity. so if we wanted to add either nonresponsive or late responsive biders to the list of newspapers to advertise in for purposes of being the official papers to outreach to specific communities we can do that >> that's right item number one would be approving the examiner and item number two is to add those group of nonresponsive
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biders. that's a tricky term but we can add them to the list. and i actually would be in favor of doing that. because i think it's important to make sure that we ought reach to various community citywide and i appreciate the fact that the examiner is free but i know in my district in particular there are a lot of folks who read the western edition and the sun reporter which are the most popular newspapers but i i want to make sure we have a smaller newspaper represented in this list >> supervisor avalos. >> we actually have peggy from the clerk of the board who is
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the one most responsible doing the outreach and attorneys. based on your experience i want to see if there's a way to get a house of recommendations to cover our varies you locations across the city. i don't believe that our papers possibly cover the outreach but you might have some recommendations like our $22,000 francisco get divided up in a way that's sufficient to do accurate outreach and the maximum number of papers to have saw last year, we had between 18 and 11 newspapers but because your budget is lower we haven't
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been able to publish weekly but we've extended it once a month it's around $400 average for each paper every time we publish. if you selected all those newspapers we're - we would be publishing less. more frequent publishing but we haven't published since january for the out reach newspaper because we ran out of the fund >> is that right? it's good we're answering those questions.
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>> colleagues it seems to me we don't throw in a bunch of papers but we don't have the coverage in terms of the language by hoping to get some coverage in the chinese language. >> can i ask a question. the 10 percent carve out is that in code >> i believe this was 10 percent set aside for outreach publishing. in the past the budget has been three to four times higher but since the publishing has been online it's shrunk over the years and where the official attorneys is throughout the city
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if we're transacting that and getting that number and then 10 percent of that for the out reach >> i have a suggestion. what if we approve this has is and i can work with the clerk's office to configure this. i think if we're trying to make additions at this time we're flying by night. i actually have the intention of wanting more coverage but making sure beer not you limiting the number of times we can do outreach >> supervisor bred i know you've expressed concerns but i think we can continue this item and everyone can work together. >> first of all, i'd like to continue the second item.
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and i'd like to work out a solution that make sense and i wanted to ask a question about what the small business challenge is is supposed to do the african-american and chinese and hispanic can i get some clarity on what that entails >> mr. chairman the items have to be approved by the end of the year or july 1st. >> why don't we push them through the committee today, there was a question about the outreach exchange. >> as the bid calls they self-identify the community they claim they represent so that's about the only information on the bid they represent that they
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cover those particular communities. i can certainly off-line follow-up with the questions on that but we did not originally do that >> q can i ask did they advertise in other newspapers and a they were a periodical. >> i don't think i can support this item with having this small business exchange list and somehow representative of the african-american community because it's not true. however, you all want to proceed i know there are this is just not the case he i don't necessarily want to push is through >> let me suggest this.
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we'll move item number one forward and two to the full board. but we have time between now and next tuesday to discuss amendments. okay >> supervisor wiener. i'm sorry with respect to item number one are you suggesting we move it forward or. if our goal is to maximize the notices how can we leave out the chronicle i would feel the same about the examiner. so i'm supportive it add to the chronicle today >> so i'd share that prospective as well arrest do we have a motion to add the
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chronicle to the motion. >> so move forward and then item number one can i have a motion as amended to the full board. and item number two mr. city attorney sorry >> i don't believe you took public comment before the votes. >> we did. okay item number two supervisor avalos do you have any other comments before we send this forward >> i just heard from rick that we are - if we actually had the chronicle and examiner in item number one the examiner would be the paper for the first fiscal
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year and the chronicle with the second. so my clerk will work with the staff to get this done >> so we'll approve item number one with the chronicle or - >> so we'll keep item number one and we'll work on the full board and item number two we'll move forward with the caveat with the clerk to make the amendment to the full board. can i have a motion >> mr. chairman just to recap item number was recommended to the full board and item number two was recommended without any amendments. >> correct. >> thank you. >> okay work to be done on that item. mr. clerk please